Winter Sun! 20% off for you drivers out there…
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Well, summer has pretty much left the building. Although, it is meant to be the warmest Halloween on record!

Just because we are packing away our t-shirt and shorts for another year, we still need one summer essential, our sunglasses.

It is just as important to look after our eyes in the winter months. In fact, the sun’s glare is greatest during the autumn and winter. Your eyes will be exposed to just as much or even, slightly more UV light as the summer.


Potential problems to look out for are winter glare whilst driving, outdoor squinting and exposure to UV damage by not thinking you need to wear protection.

Ways you can protect your eyes this autumn and winter are simple:-

Always wear eye protection outside.
Wearing sunglasses whilst driving block glare from the sun and reflection off other vehicles.
Make sure that your sunglasses are UV400 effective.

Following these simple steps will keep your eyes protected throughout the whole year.

Now here’s the best bit for all you drivers, we are offering 20% off, all Polarised and Drivewear lenses until 30th November 14.

For more information please contact E Aves Opticians on 020 8989 1996 or pop in to look at our winter sun range!

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