Good night, drive right!!
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The clock are changing very soon and now is the time to make sure your vision is tip-top for driving this winter!

Many drivers know they need spectacles or contact lenses for driving, but may not always wear them or may be using an out-of-date prescription. If you haven’t had an eye examination in the last 2 years, don’t take it for granted that your eyesight is adequate. If you drive with vision that doesn’t meet legal standards you could be putting yourself, your passengers, other road users and pedestrians in danger.


A recent survey of 1,000 drivers found 26% have not had an eye test in the last two years and 3% – the equivalent to more than one million UK drivers have never had one. Eye examinations can provide a vital early warning of problems, that undetected, can have potentially serious consequences. For example diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol that could lead to cardiovascular disease.

During October and November we are offering a FREE upgrade to anti-reflective lenses (worth £40). To make an appointment for an eye examination and ensure your driving safety, contact us today on 020 8989 1996 or make an appointment by email,