Gardeners beware!!
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Every year, around 300,000 individuals in the UK attended Accident and Emergency departments after having an accident in the garden. Some 87,000 people were actually injured while gardening.

The lawnmower tops the list of the most dangerous pieces of equipment, with 6,500 lawnmower related accidents reported each year. Surprisingly the innocuous flowerpot is the second most dangerous tool, causing 5,300 accidents, with falls, cuts and lifting injuries some of the most common types of accident recorded.

Many of the following points might sound like common sense, but it’s incredible how many people end up in hospital because they haven’t taken basic safety precautions in the garden.

Facial and eye injuries are a common problem too. Here are some simple safety precautions in the garden that can help you prevent eye injuries.

  • Always inspect your lawn for debris before you start to mow as flying stones or wood can cause eye damage.
  • Be aware of low branches and take care when pruning. Protecting your eyes with safety goggles greatly reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Any canes you use in your garden should be easy to see. Marking the top of the cane with something brightly coloured can avoid nasty accidents.
  • If you use chemicals in your garden, read manufacturers’ guidelines carefully. Most chemicals should be kept away from the eyes and often it is sensible to wear safety goggles when using them, especially over large areas.